Home and Business Blessings
Living in Harmony

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Divine Clearing for people who want to create a positive home environment.

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Change happens by faith, through the grace of God.
Tangible results can be felt and the difference can be amazing.

Home Blessings

What is a Home Blessing?

An ancient sacred practice intended to clear negative influences, home blessings attract and create a positive environment through prayerful ceremonies and celebrations. The purpose is establish a tranquil, healthy and joyful home.

When Should a Home Be Blessed?

  • Selling a home or buying a new one.
  • Moving into a new home.
  • Welcoming a new  family member.
  • During times of major transition such as marriage, divorce or a death in the family.

What is Involved?
Each blessing is a celebration, tailored to meet individual needs and is specialized for your home, culture and personality. Onye’s heartfelt prayers fulfill specific intentions. He sanctifies and purifies your home by burning incense, using herbs, candles, water, and honey, and by chanting to transform negative energies into a positive environment. Items that have special meaning for those involved may also be included. Your presence is an integral part of the sacred ceremony in creating your renewed, happy home.

Call Onye to create a unique ceremony that fits your tradition and needs.

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Business Blessings

Did you know that many
world cultures bless their businesses
as well as daily life events?

To be blessed is to welcome the Spirit of cooperation, teamwork and collaboration into the workplace. Blessings engender peace, joy, and increased productivity and wealth.

These blessings are celebrated through a simple ceremony to activate the business mission statement and to foster a successful business environment..

When Should a Business be Blessed?

  • Before a business opens to the public
  • When there is a location change
  • During financial difficulties; low cash flow; bankruptcy
  • Before, during and after litigation
  • When management experiences an internal crisis
  • To remove negative influences

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