Spiritual Counseling &
Life Coaching

Spiritual Counseling

A counseling session with Onye is designed to empower individuals who desire to deeply explore areas affecting life challenges. These aspects may include relationships, marital crises, addictions, childhood memories, health issues, stress management, emotional trauma, and more.

During the session he draws wisdom and guidance from the Spirit to help facilitate and foster personal growth, provide profound clarity, and spiritual insights. Onye’s prayers are credited with accessing miracles to heal the deepest hurts, grief, and anguish through Grace.

Dying, Loss, Grief

Death is an integral aspect of life. Grief includes pain, hurt, anguish, or even some joy that accompanies a solemn loss. Everyone grieves differently depending on the person or the situation: children, youths, and adults. Sometimes the death of a loved one, or even our pets, leaves us with regrets and disappointments. And in the midst of mixed emotions, we can experience a soothing consolation and a sense of calmness with Grace.

The insights received through the guidance of the Spirit can empower each person’s spiritual journey and can comfort their heart during a time of grief and loss. In indigenous cultures we embrace grief and use it to find meaning and purpose.

The grief healing session allows clients to remember and to celebrate past, funā€filled memories of their loved ones in each person’s unique personal ways. The goal is to encourage reconciliation, re-connection, and healing. All discover a deep desire to surrender and accept the Will of God unconditionally through faith and humility.

Groups and families can engage Onye to facilitate private group sessions to help heal grief from traumatic events; a shared difficulty such as cancer, natural disaster or death of loved one.

May 4-6, The joyful soul and Dance of Grief Retreat
Black Mountain, N.C.

Life Coaching

Life coaching with Onye assists individuals, including professionals, who are seeking personal guidance to acquire profound insights and directions affecting all aspects of their lives. Onye’s guidance helps develop individual abilities to uncover innate knowledge to achieve sustainable results.

In a focused and an effective environment, sessions result in clarity around what is truly desired and individual positive growth.. Onye will successfully provide a space to assess and explore infinite possibilities, create an action plan, and make conscious decisions concerning any transitions life offers— health, career, relationships, family, and personal growth.


If you truly want to make a change and get results in your life, these sessions can enable you to achieve personal growth and success in your life now.

For first time clients, Onye requires a minimum of two sessions though he highly recommends four or more sessions to allow enough time to uncover core issues and restore balance and healing.

Sessions are valid for 6 months from the date of scheduling and payment.

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