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About Onye Onyemaechi

Onye Onyemaechi’s lifework as a Spiritual healer, advisor, teacher, musician and African master drummer began during his youth in Nigeria. In his home village, he inherited profound understandings regarding the power of natural healing and music, and through Divine providence, he experienced the anointing of the Holy Spirit. In the African Judeo - Christian traditions of his people, the young Onye expereinced severe spiritual discipline and initiations. He especially valued the time spent with his grandmother, a respected “ wise woman” and healer, and his granduncle, the village carver of sculpture objects. Over time he has blended his unique life experiences and abilities to transform the lives of all he encounters.

Onye earned a BA in Fine Arts from the College of the Holy Cross., and later, received his MBA with an emphasis in international business from the Boston College School of Management. While his educational background is comprehensive, he discovered early on that his passion and life goal is to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-beings of others. Onye combines both his traditional understandings of health and wellness with non-traditional approaches that connect with the Divine through prayer.

Today, Onye Onyemaechi is internationally known for his healing, teaching and music, especially his abilities in divinatory perception. Recognized as an African Christian healer, mystic and a gifted man of God, Onye is divinely directed to transmit what is needed to bring healing, growth, and transformation to various circumstances. Continually guided through the Holy Spirit, he helps many people receive healing and blessings, wisdom, and inspiration. Onye is frequently called upon to advise businesses, religious leaders, medical and legal professionals, and individuals throughout the world.

As a celebrated recording artist and performer, Onye brings the wisdom, joy and soul of Africa to use the drum for healing and awakening as well as for entertainment, and how to create and celebrate community through the power of the drum and universal sound. Onye frequently adds the healing and therapeutic power of music to dispel destructive thoughts, attitudes and beliefs into positive patterns that help unite the mind and body. As a highly experienced teacher and magnetic personality, Onye is able to combine ancient traditions with therapeutic techniques to share the extraordinary power of natural rhythms . His music and dance artistry have electrified audiences for over thirty years.

Always motivated to enhance and expand his ability to serve others, Onye has participated in a variety of conferences related to advanced and alternative modalities. Many of these international conferences focused on global perspectives geared to shifting societal consciousness to make positive change. Additionally, as an educator, mentor, speaker, and writer, he seeks to inform others about the power of the Divine. Onye has led and organized, pilgrimages, individual and group transformation sessions, and often travels internationally to provide healing services and Divine guidance.

Onye Onyemaechi is the founder of Village Rhythms and Insights For Healing. He is a celebrated world-renowned master percussionist, producer, composer and consultant.