What people said about their
recent experiences with
Onye Onyemaechi
in private sessions:

"Spirit was streaming through Onye's hands and the drum he was playing came alive with divine power. Every cell in my body was called to awaken and I could feel the beat of every blade of grass. This, I thought, is what it feels like to be truly alive." – PM, Graham, NC

“As a member of a healing community, I have had many sessions with many different healers using many different modalities. My session with Onye was among the most powerful I have ever had. Through the use of gentle touch and movement of energy a healing process was started. He gave me a ceremony to perform by myself (with him praying for me at the time from CA) which totally eliminated an on-going problem that I had been having. He takes no credit for his work but says it’s the Holy Spirit working through him.” -- PM, Snow Camp, NC

“Onye helped me to understand a conflict I had with my deceased father. After my session with him I had a clear intention to resolve this issue. With action and forgiveness I reached a sense of peace and grace. I am grateful for his insights and wisdom.” --JB Saxapahaw, NC

“ He raised my vibration and cleared a lot of stuff. I left with a deep sense of peace flowing through my soul. The next day my aches and pains had faded away. I was able to change my routine and focus on a project I’d been unable to start and I felt happier than I’d been in a long time.” –LR, Snow Camp, NC

and Referrals

“My experience with Onye was miraculous.  I had experienced other “healings” in my life, but nothing like the healing that occurred as a result of Onye’s relationship with God. My own relationship with God was strengthened. I believe my sister was saved as a result of Onye’s intervention (praise God).

My family continues to be healed of generations of physical, spiritual, and emotional problems. Issues that have plagued me for many years just seemed to melt away and a joy and peace have replaced those issues. My energy is clearer and I am able to see the dynamics in my life more clearly.

I feel closer to God and when issues and fears arise I have faith that He will protect and lift me up.  I see myself cradled in his hands.
I have a desire to help people by developing my relationship with God and not think it’s my own doing.
Onye’s work is different from any other healing I’ve ever experienced (in and out of church.)  Thank God.  He is a true disciple.” – Denna Motto, teacher

A widow writes: “You have a real gift for working with terminally ill patients. I know that you know there is nothing more devastating than to receive the awful news that you are suffering from a life-threatening disease such as leukemia. When my husband was diagnosed, he was shocked, confused, and angry and most of all terrified of what lay ahead of him. Talking with you not only eased his mind and gave him hope. Your gentle, compassionate words gave him encouragement, helped him develop a more positive attitude and aided him in finding the peace and acceptance he needed to make him feel less afraid. I will always appreciate what you did for him.”

Some months ago, our five-year old son got diagnosed with a 8mm kidney stone. After a first operation which was quite difficult and where only a part of the stone could have been taken out, I decided to call Onye to mentally help during the second operation. The second operation went very well, but still a 4mm piece of the stone couldn’t have been taken out. After waiting some months to make the stone come out naturally, a third operation was done. With Onye’s help also this operation went well. However, still some pieces were left in. Onye suggested some medicine which I gave my son for some months. In the meantime, ultrasonic pictures still showed the stone pieces. Some weeks ago, I saw Onye with my son. He gave him an energetic treatment and Onye felt the stones dissolving. A last ultrasonic picture afterwards showed, the stone was gone. Onye made a miracle happen. I am deeply grateful for Onye’s work and thank him and God for all of this. – Kathrin, Switzerland

Onye, after the clinic told me I didn’t have enough eggs to donate, your prayer intercession resulted in plenty of eggs and twins for the birth mother!

Onye Onyemaechi has been coming to Germany for a long time and has been working in my therapy praxis for a few days every year. I am a music-therapist on a Jungian base working with clients for 30 years. Some of my clients come every year seeking Onye's guidance and healing energy. And every year we had excellent results. Some of my clients also got physical healing through Onye's informations for example about treatment and through his prayers and healing energy. Some of them got necessary insights about their life processes and about making necessary decisions through Onye's gift of clairvoyance.

All in all I am very glad that Onye takes upon himself the long journey to Germany every year to work with us here. I can recommend his work very warmly. - Anna, Munich Germany

Another woman had asked for help for her ailing mother. She writes: “My mother is now recovering. She was very sick and I was not so sure she was going to stay. I sat at my mother’s feet immediately and prayed the Rosary, as you suggested. I cannot begin to describe what happened. I’m not sure what I felt but during the prayers there seemed to be a surrendering and once again I could feel inclusive with Holiness. There was a great power moving between us and beyond us as I prayed. Much has been happening with me as my mother has been ill. I’m feeling changes within and releasing of my familiar relationship to her. I’ll write again when it is clearer. Thank you for your wisdom and support. It meant so very much.”

 An osteopath, in a letter of recommendation, writes: “Mr. Onyemaechi is an African drummer and healer who bring a significant benefit to the field of alternative medicine. He brings the level of honesty and education, bringing drumming and village-type healing to many patients I have referred to him. Onye is a man of superior quality and I feel that he would be a great addition to any program.”
– J. Altar, Retired Osteopath and surgeon, Santa Rosa, CA 

If everyone in the world were as open, loving, and forgiving as you, what a place this would be.  You create love within and without.  Thank You!”
–Teresa Lyons, Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse

We just completed the most amazing weekend workshop we have ever sponsored. Onye is a skillful and powerful facilitator. If you get the chance to go to his event, don't pass it up. 23 people at his African Village Retreat were transformed!!
–Pamela Dwyer Mailloux

“I was praying to overcome my compulsive overeating while in the healing circle, and Onye came and placed his hand on my right bursa/shoulder which has been injured and very painful.  It doesn’t hurt now! Thanks Onye, and Universal Spirit!
–Linda Smith, RN

“I sought out Onye upon the recommendations of a dear friend.  She had had an incredible healing experience with Onye and she highly recommended him. My experience with Onye was filled with wonder.  I felt a very deep sense of calmness and oneness with my surroundings.  I was able to separate from the fast pace of life and to look at everything around me with a sense of connection.  Colors were more vibrant and it felt as if I was a part of a very intense love.  I felt this way with both Onye’s bodywork and his spiritual readings. Considering the troublesome times our communities and country is experiencing, Onye’s work and healings seem to be needed more than ever.  With the calmness and love I felt from Onye’s work I was able to go about my work with a sense of love and connectedness.  I had more patience with everyday situations that would normally upset me.”
–Tammy Sloan Smith, Oil and Gas Consultant, Durango, CO

Dear Onye,
I want to tell you about my latest examinations:
there are no more further metasis and the ones in my bones are stable.
So my situation is stable - that is really fantastic for me.
Thank you a lot for giving me back my faith!
Thank you very much
– Meike Hertle


I thank you now for the divine gift of music, dance and your message. It made my day and more then that it truly felt divinely ordained at a personal level. You are blessed in sharing your God given gifts.
– Simmi

Onye, Thank you for all of the help you sent me through the bodywork and the reading.  I truly feel that the 2 days that you worked with me will be very significant to my healing process. I remember that when I first me you on 11/3/04 that I was very nervous and was in a lot of pain and turmoil that day and that I was having problems with panic attacks.  When you first looked into my eyes, I was scared to death.  I remember wanting to change my mind and leave the building, but I am so glad that I did not.  You chose to do body work on me that day and I was very scared.  However, there is such a calming nature about that I suddenly felt like you were safe and that things were going to be a lot better for me by letting you work on my body.  I truly did sense Jesus Christ in the room with us and I still marvel at how well my body responded to your healing touch.  I have never been able to relax for anyone, not even myself and I have never been able to connect mind, spirit, and body and I truly feel the body work that you did to me that day has accomplished this unreachable goal for me.  I have remained calm and peaceful since that day.  You actually put me into a very relaxed sleep and it was so safe that I could have spent the day right there on your table in a deep deep sleep.  I truly thank God for the gift you gave to me that day.  You are so awesome!!!
 The reading you did for me was the most magnificent thing I have ever encountered.  All of my life I have never understood why I was born to the family I have and why I was in this world.  I have had a very traumatic life.  My childhood was horrible and I can remember always wanting to die—just to leave here.  I have never believed in myself and I have never really allowed myself to get to know my spirit.  I have always disconnected my body from my mind to ease the pain and grief I have endured.  Recently, I became very sick and felt like I would have died a very toxic death had I not found Dixie.  She has been a godsend just as you have to me.  Ever since we finished the reading on 11/7, I have a clearer understanding of my life and who I am.  Truly the love of God and the power of God has make these major changes in my life in just one month’s time.  I came away from your reading with peace and strength and the feeling that I can accomplish anything I endure.  God bless your soul for allowing me the chance to communicate with beloved wise old grandmother.  I have had constant communication with her since Saturday.  She has been with me and is still constantly communicating with me even today.  I was awakened at 4:30 am this morning to her wise comments and thoughts concerning my future.  I know now that she is indeed with me at all times and is able to see and feel what I am going through.  Thank you also for helping me to understand why my siblings have never recognized me at all.  Onye, you are truly a miracle.  Thank you so much for all you have done to help my healing process.”
– Donna Powell 11/8/04, Durango, CO

“I first noticed Onye’s bright smile and shining eyes when he greeted me and everyone else at the entrance to the village drumming experience at New College in Santa Rosa.  He made me feel personally welcome to enjoy a taste of his village life in Nigeria.  There was no dogma here, just a sharing of rhythms with a group of new friends in a community.  The beat of the drums inspired me to dance as the music spoke through my movements.  Being a new drummer, I also enjoyed Onye’s easy-going, unpretentious, inspiring guidance and sincerity throughout the experience.  I remembered that night for a long time and finally spoke with Onye about a year later when I discovered that he did spiritual readings and healing bodywork.  I needed both and signed up immediately after speaking with him personally at another drumming event.  I had come to trust Onye’s authenticity and desire to help others and chose him to do my reading.  His warmth and caring nature shine through.

My spiritual reading was also very comfortable, because Onye makes you feel at ease and welcome.  We sat in chairs across from each other and he consulted with his guides while tuning in to me and my situation. I was impressed with his accuracy in validating several things that I felt to be true about myself. Onye suggested several meditation practices to clear out my personal baggage that really worked.  He was also able to guide me to my new apartment.  He told me specifically that there would be a case of flowers on a table in this apartment and when I went to apply for the rental, there it was in front of me.  Upon leaving the apartment I wondered if they would choose me and figured that Onye was pretty darn good if they did.  So, I moved in September 2003!  And Onye is always very positive, never spreading fear or worry in your mind.  He is very tuned into the spiritual world and lets that guide his actions.  I always feel uplifted after contact with Onye and since I began deep tissue bodywork with him several months ago, we have become friends that laugh together and he is always supportive of my needs and available to talk. He is so excellent as a healer, that I feel like a new person after only a few sessions and plan to continue.  The use of guides gives Onye confidence to adjust your body in the right areas and I have found this to have a cumulative effect.  He has especially helped me to regain energy and a positive outlook on life. Just thinking of him makes me smile, as he always has a smile ready for everyone.  I have recommended him to several friends and they too find Onye to be quite a treasure.  I think it is his sincerity, positive outlook, and caring nature to help others that guides his work.  I would, and do, highly recommend Onye for all that he can do for your health and happiness.”
–Kamala Rose, Santa Rosa, CA

“In November of 2004, I had a reading and a healing ceremony with Onye.  At that time I was experiencing many obstacles in my personal and professional life.  Some of the these obstacles, particularly those related to my professional goals, had been ongoing, like a series of improbable strokes of bad luck, for many years.  The harder I tried or prayed, the more frustrating things seemed to get.

For example, as an acupuncturist, I am required to pass a National Certification exam in order to practice.  In my case, I completed and passed the exam with flying colors, but the testing agency lost my results.  Therefore, I was at a professional dead end.

After my session with Onye, things began to change.  He was able to discern a kind of spiritual obstruction which was creating negative outcomes in my life despite my best efforts.  He prayed with me in a most powerful fashion, and afterwards I felt subtly that something had shifted.

In the following months, the testing agency located my test results and I was able to obtain my certification.  Shortly afterward, I noticed an article about a 5-star resort nearby and though that perhaps they would like to have an acupuncturist on staff.  I sent off my resume, and discovered that their present acupuncturist had just announced that she was leaving!  I was offered the position after a series of interviews, and now have a great career opportunity where I am paid double the amount per treatment that I used to make.

Also in that time I found the energy and enthusiasm to begin exercising.  I have since lowered my blood pressure to normal and lost over 20 pounds.  I feel better physically than I have in 20 years.
My relationship was suffering at the time of my reading.  Though we have continued to have our ups and downs, my wife and I have made true progress towards rekindling the love, trust and passion that brought us together in the first place.  I met a group of men who were able to help me see my blind spots and how I was hurting her even in my efforts to bring her happiness.  I believe that we now have a real chance to succeed according to our original vision of love.  Either way, I am at a new place, able to see where my errors were that hurt her, and able to take responsibility for my part.

During our reading, Onye helped me learn to pray.  The power and fire of his prayers and his faith have helped me to approach my prayers with more faith and heart.  I feel a greater connection and confidence.  I also feel as though I am hearing God’s guidance more clearly and understanding the words of the scripture in a deeper way.

Along the way, some things have dropped out of my life which were no longer needed.
This is my account of the powerful and beneficial events which have occurred since my session with Onye.”
– Michael Jabalee, Lic. Ac. 7/10/05

“Our Dearest Onye, 
My husband and I drove several hours, at the last minute to meet with you, and you have forever set our life's path on a better and higher course.  Where do I start?  Your web is called center for healing and miracles and that's exactly what we got. 
Our story in brief:  My husband struggled with his sobriety but I always knew there was something more dogging him.  A week before we met Onye, my husband had tried to kill himself, because he was so tired of disappointing himself and me.  He was spotted in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere with piping leading from his running exhaust, the firemen found him unconscious and the doctors who treated him determined he was a dual diagnosis alcoholic, he was bipolar.  Miracle number 1.
We had never met Onye when he gently welcomed us into his house that Saturday evening.   He told us a bit about himself and started to work.  He is at once irreverent, intense, compassionate and stern.  In three hours we all shed tears and laughed as my husband moved closer to his own personal covenant with God, defining what his role in this life was.  Onye impressed upon my husband the importance of spiritual authority, that it was not enough to be fair but to be fierce in one's spiritual path because he would be tested and his fate remained in his hands.   There were moments of insight that were truly humbling when the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.  We were all moved.
My husband is the strongest I have ever seen him.  Onye left him with his prescription of several psalms, and their resonance continues to unfold and blossom in him.  My husband is grateful he underwent his struggle because it brought him back to his mission to help others from a place of experience and undeniable spiritual authority.  While my husband had always believed in God, he told me today he believed in Jesus.  We are blessed to know Onye, his faith and commitment to helping and his strength are undeniable. 
My husband is grateful that in one night he reconnected with me and God.  And I am too.  Miracle number 2.”
– M&C Hawes, LA CA.

I made my appointment with Onye not knowing what to expect, however I knew that it couldn’t be as horrible as I had been feeling. I walked in for my appointment with the weight of the world on my shoulders and walked away releasing the toxic energy that had been weighing me down for several years. Onye provided me with healing, guidance, and Spiritual grounding. My questions answered and tools to continue with my life. I can’t thank you enough and look forward to our growing relationship.
– C. Schemmel, Petaluma, CA

Spirit was streaming through Onye's hands and the drum he was playing came alive with divine power. Every cell in my body was called to awaken and I could feel the beat of every blade of grass. This, I thought, is what it feels like to be truly alive.
– PM, Graham, NC

As a member of a healing community, I have had many sessions with many different healers using many different modalities. My session with Onye was among the most powerful I have ever had. Through the use of gentle touch and movement of energy a healing process was started. He gave me a ceremony to perform by myself (with him praying for me at the time from CA) which totally eliminated an on-going problem that I had been having. He takes no credit for his work but says it’s the Holy Spirit working through him.
-- PM, Snow Camp, NC

Tereza Hubkova wrote:

"Dear Onye, I met you at the Sound Healing conference last year.
I didn't think I would be the right "candidate" for your healing and I was so very tired when I went to the drumming/healing session (tired for years). But something miraculous happened. I saw Virgin Marry right there, in the La Fonda ball room.

I would have never believed that. She was throwing flowers over me and forgiving me for something I could not forgive myself for. Life is a miracle. Forgiveness is so important, we all make mistakes. I can't take back my past but I can to do my best now towards helping others. Thank you."

I am in the middle of the Bible readings you encouraged me to read.  I am having tears of hope and release. Thank you for all you have done to help me.  I am going back to my readings now.
Thank you also for the wonderful morning meditations during our stay in Santa Fe.
Please pray that my daughters experience increasing healing and love in the days ahead for them.
Love and peace,
– Bob Ferrelle, Pooler, GA   USA

Dear Onye,
Thank you!! I still feel the grace of my visit with you each day. I know things are shifting within me and my family...And most of all I feel God's love. What more could I want than that! I'll be in touch and will probably call for a session in the coming month.
thank you again for your ongoing prayers and many blessings to you Dear One...
– S. Ropiequet, Grassvalley, CA

Onye helped me to understand a conflict I had with my deceased father. After my session with him I had a clear intention to resolve this issue. With action and forgiveness I reached a sense of peace and grace. I am grateful for his insights and wisdom.
--JB Saxapahaw, NC

He raised my vibration and cleared a lot of stuff. I left with a deep sense of peace flowing through my soul. The next day my aches and pains had faded away. I was able to change my routine and focus on a project I’d been unable to start and I felt happier than I’d been in a long time.
–LR, Snow Camp, NC

Hi Onye,I have to share this with you.

After praying to holy spirit about my daughters dog Moet,who had mange.I used the holy oil you sent me and began applying it to her body, a few days later,I went down stairs to take a look at moet,Low and behold I saw this golden light through the door in the room where she is,I stood in amazement,wondering for a minute what was this light,I did not want to push the door open and interrupt what was going on,I ran upstairs to call a friend,as you were abroad, she told it was GOD's HOLY light which not only there for Moet but my son who at that time was in the next room, I could not contain myself and offered up a prayer of thanks.
I went back  down stairs the light was no longer  there, I switched the light on, went outside the door to look,saying aloud I know I am not seeing things; again I thanked GOD for the healing,the awakening and awareness.

Within a few days the dry skin started to shred and fall off,and I could see new hair growth,today 1 month  and 10 days, Moet has over 90% of her hair back. Also,  some time back the vet diagnosed her with an ear infection that would eventually consume her brain and destroy her. Today that left ear which was thick because of the infection is back to normal.

After speaking with you I began  to apply some of the oil to her food, as she had some arthritis to her left hind leg today 12/22/08 if you see Moet, walking so strong up and about being as busy as ever.

I want to thank Holy spirit for you and for the blessings that have come to us since we started communicating with you, my family and I are eternally grateful,especially with my late husband and the assistance with getting him to the Light,
May you ever dwell in the light of cosmic wisdom.
May peace and love abide with you and those who are dear to you.
–Claudette Hill, New York City, NY

Hi Onye,
I wanted to say 'thank you' once again for the amazing session I had with you in Santa Fe.  I received immediate confirmation that my Grandma was with me when I went to the next presentation.  Stacey and I were waiting for the presentation to begin when in walked a woman who looked exactly like my Grandmother.  I then remembered that she was the same woman who was standing outside the bookstore when I went in to schedule my session with you.  At the time; however, I thought about how much she looked like my Aunt Darlene who had made her transition last April. I have attached our picture.  I found the ethereal white filmy look to the picture very interesting as though we had gone beyond the veil.
I continue to feel strong in my knowing that I am healed and that I am healthy ... I feel like a totally different person as though all of my cells have been renewed and revitalized.
I have begun my homework and even looked up Harvey on the internet.  Of course there is a Harvey Wade who lives here in Scottsdale and is 57 years old.  Just like you said, I am sure we will meet again one day.  The time has not been right for me to have a conversation with my husband and I am hopeful that the opportunity will present itself real soon.  I am feeling an urgency in moving forward with my life and continuing my soul's journey and the release of these children is a huge part of it.
– Jane Anderson, Santa Fe, NM

My dear friend Onye, I just want to send you lots of warm greetings from cold Munich. Yesterday I met the lady who was here in Munich with her husband (you remember the one with the heart problems). He had a check-up last week and the doctors told him, that a surgery is not necessary yet. They asked him what he have done. Isn't that wonderful. Thank you for your wonderful work.

You remember that Christa had this terrible cough. After your treatment all these problems had gone, but last week she had to go to the hospital with gall bladder problems and pancreas. It seems that she has stones in the gall bladder and seeds a surgery. Please send her healing energy.
Today a young man came to see my rooms. As you said he has a female attitude and I think he is the right one to share the rooms.
So these are the most necessary informations.
I send you lots of love and greetings
– A. Rocker, Munchen, Germany

I never forgot the blessings you bestowed on my mom & my family in Boston about 22 yrs. ago at Beth Israel Hospital when she (Ruth) had major heart trouble. You assured us that she would make it through the surgery, and all is good. You refused my offer of money for your transportation expenses. I kept your card, and at times I looked for you. Well, now I've found you to say thank you! Mom lived another 10 years, and at the end of her earthbound journey, I took care of her in my NY home and then at the nursing home. I now live in Ann Arbor, Mich. where spirituality & metaphysical seekers are plentiful. I would love to connect with you. It looks like your life's path is joyous and rewarding! Bless YOU, my friend.
–Bonnie Gabowitz

October 1, 2010
Dear Onye,

When my baby boy, Andy, a Fox Terrier puppy, at age 1½  yrs. was continually throwing up bile on the bed between midnight and 7am, I took him to the vet for a check-up.  They said, he was fine,  give him ½ pepcid each morning before breakfast, and spread out his meals.  It worked for a while.  Then one morning, he threw up blood and passed blood while going potty.  

We rushed to a different vet.  He took an X-ray of his stomach, it showed a black shadow, “just a gas bubble!”  Gave him two more medicines to calm his stomach.  And said,  “we could do scope tests, too!”  I said, let me try the medicines first, knowing I did not want to give him these “human” medicines, and for sure not put him through any invasive tests.  Then I remembered my friend, Onye, who is an animal communicator/healer.  I called him, explained the problem of vomiting, and at times,  Andy’s stomach would spasm and get  very hard, some times, he was not hungry and  just moaned.  Can you help us?  

Onye, in his wisdom, told me what to do.  Make a pouch of salt, put Andy on his back, across your lap, and with your right hand hold the salt pouch on his stomach, put your left hand on his head and pray over him. So we began.  At this point Andy was watching me, as I was intently praying over him.  After about 10-12 minutes, suddenly, Andy’s eyes rolled back into his head, then his head flopped over, and his eyes closed, I was quite startled by this and just as quickly I begin to feel a big bubble of energy rising upwards underneath the salt pouch under my right hand. Andy begin to moan softly, then I felt the bubble very, very slowly travel down and out of his body.  I continued to pray  as Andy seemed comfortable and was no longer moaning or in any distress.  

After a while,  I decided to lay him on his side of the bed, with our older dog, Maggie Mae, and he continued to sleep through the night and did not throw up at all!  We got up for breakfast at 7am, all the animals are fed then, dogs and cats too.  Andy was perky and full of energy, just like his old self;  he ate fine, went out to potty and came back to bed for a short nap.  

He progressed well with very, very positive results from his healing session. I stopped all medicines,; he did not have to undergo any invasive tests and to this day he continues to eat small meals throughout the day, with a last small 1/8 cup snack at 10pm before bed.  He sleeps like a baby through the night, with no more problems.  In our home we consider this a miracle!!!  We give thanks and are so grateful to have such a wise and wonderful friend as Onye.  
PS. Andy is now 4 yrs. old.

Barbara Rogers, Pet Guardian & Professional Pet Sitting
Camp Meeker, Calif.

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