Integrative Body Healing

Experience a personalized blend of ancient and modern approaches that enables the power of the Holy Spirit to revitalize the body and soul.

Integrated body healing combines traditional and nontraditional modalities - both Spiritual and physical to affect healing. It is designed to target the release of chronic muscle tension and mental distress due to emotional or physical trauma. Other benefits include reducing inflammation and the elimination of stagnated energies and toxicity in the body. Most specifically, it improves circulation, relieves stress, and enhances flexibility and range of motion. Body healing focuses on the deepest layers of connective tissues, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones and joints).

As Onye provides integrated body healing, a synthesis of therapeutic techniques , wisdom, and Spiritual approaches combine to remove invisible blockages that hinder daily functioning. The goal of each sessions is a transformation, a renewal and reconnection of body and soul.

Emotional Release For Deeper Heaaling

Due to the fast paced of our technology based society and stress of daily life, many people suffer from emotional pain and disconnectivity within their spirit. Depression, anxiety, and dysfunctional thought patterns often lead people to feel distressed and overwhelmed. Overtime the human body begins to show negative signs from a multitude of compounded stressors: work demands, family issues, financial concerns, and relationship challenges are some examples. Through emotional release therapy sessions clients can experience relief and restoration of their overall sense of well-being. Many clients are surprised and gladdened by the shift or transformative results from this unique and life changing experience.

Integrated Body Healing and Emotional Release Sessions invites individuals into a Spiritual journey of healing and renewal.

Onye accepts referrals from Clients, Physicians, Health Professionals and  Therapists.

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Onye accepts referrals from Clients, Physicians, Health Professionals and Therapists.

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Discounts are available for multiple, scheduled sessions with a pre-payment. Please contact Onye via email to arrange multiple sessions.