Healing for Children and Young Adults

Children of all ages undergo life challenges that affect their sense of well-being. Young people deal with unexpected school changes, divorce, death, and a myriad of other circumstances. Oftentimes youth feel bereft in a world that is shifting faster than they can understand. Onye provides youth encouragement through positive interventions that allow youth to freely express their concerns. Positive interventions related to confidence building, problem-solving, trust issues, and discipline are some of the areas Onye addresses. With prayer and Spiritual guidance youth can grow in their life journey in a positive direction.


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Some months ago, our five-year old son got diagnosed with a 8mm kidney stone. After a first operation which was quite difficult and where only a part of the stone could have been taken out, I decided to call Onye to mentally help during the second operation. The second operation went very well, but still a 4mm piece of the stone couldn’t have been taken out. After waiting some months to make the stone come out naturally, a third operation was done. With Onye’s help also this operation went well. However, still some pieces were left in. Onye suggested some medicine which I gave my son for some months. In the meantime, ultrasonic pictures still showed the stone pieces. Some weeks ago, I saw Onye with my son. He gave him an energetic treatment and Onye felt the stones dissolving. A last ultrasonic picture afterwards showed, the stone was gone. Onye made a miracle happen. I am deeply grateful for Onye’s work and thank him and God for all of this. – Kathrin, Switzerland