Animal Communication
and Healing

Onye Onyemaechi is an animal communicator and healer. He uses intuitive communication, natural remedies, and spiritual energy healing to help animals and their human companions.


Animal Communication—
How Can it Help You and Your Animal?

Animals often experience challenges and they are unable to express their needs. An animal communicator can bridge the gap and open communication to restore a positive relationship between an animal and its owner. In the spirit of Saint Francis of Assisi, animal communicators are committed to improving the lives of animals. A lover of all animals, Saint Francis of Assisi was credited with communicating with a vicious and unruly wolf that terrorized a community. After communicating the fears of the people with the wolf, Saint Francis was able to subdue the wolf. It became a dearly loved pet that all members of the community fed for years.

As an animal communicator and healer, Onye facilitates communication between animals and their owners. He encourages people and their animals to understand and love each other, and to heal the challenges in their lives—physical, emotional and spiritual

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What Happens During a Session?

During the initial session Onye interviews the owner to identify areas of concern. Next, Onye connects with the pet, sometimes putting it into a trance state, and asks the animal about their life, experiences, and bodily problems. Communications reveal areas of emotional and physical pain. When there is illness or injury, Onye transmits spiritual energy healing to the animal. Onye recommends steps necessary for healing, whether it be veterinary, dietary, emotional, spiritual, or experiential. Sometimes, it could be the owner who needs to change and heal!

Throughout each session, Onye approaches each owner and animal with transparency, sacredness, and reverence. You will see the transformation in your pet!

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Animal Services

  • Abnormal or inappropriate animal behavior such as fear, aggression, separation anxiety, or
  • annoying habits
  • Transition difficulties such as moving
  • Uncover a rescued animal’s past history
  • Address quality of life issues - wants and needs of your animal
  • Obtain information and healing assistance during illnesses or injuries
  • Spiritual Communication
  • Blessings and Welcoming a new Pet to the Family
  • Grief Counseling and Support (after the passing of an animal)
  • Spiritual and Memorial Services for Animals
  • Lost or Missing Pets

Please note:
Animal communication and Spirit healing should not replace veterinary care. They are non-medical therapies which can complement other healing modalities, including traditional veterinary medicine, and are a powerful component of an integrative approach to the healing and health maintenance of all animals.

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